FootPrints Administrator Companion Tool

Save administrators time and reduce errors during environment migrations.

RJR understands the challenges and expertise needed when it comes to getting the most out of your BMC FootPrints 12 investment and is the reason we created this tool.  FACT tool contains queries and functions useful in the day to day administration and support of BMC FootPrints 12, helping administrators and technicians get the most of out of their investment.

Many administrators, implementers, and support personnel, including RJR, have had challenges accomplishing various tasks throughout the years that cannot be accomplished through the current functionalities within Footprints 12.  The RJR FACT tool provides additional functionalities that are today not available in the Footprints 12 solution all while enhancing your user experience saving you time while improving efficiency.

No other ITSM Administrator tool available contains these functionalities, or is able to deliver the functionalities that the FACT tool does.



The RJR FootPrints Administrator Companion Tool solution is an extremely useful admin toolkit that made database/application administration of Footprints a much easier task for myself as a Footprints Administrator. Having access to the tool immediately provides salient, real time data that often removes the need to create complex DB queries to acquire information and/or troubleshoot issues. Tasks such as Environment promotion, User Administration (as well as License Management), Database management and general troubleshooting are among some of my favourite features. The GUI is simply laid out and the application itself is easy to utilize (and has a short learning curve) . I used the FACT tool extensively, and in my opinion is a ‘must have’ for any Footprints Admin!

Queries Built-In:

Database Fragmentation Analysis
Analyses your database for the level of fragmentation and displays the results as well as re-indexing recommendation. Query provided by BMC Support.

Database Re-Indexing
Re-Indexes your database. You may need to re-run the Database Fragmentation Analysis query to confirm. Query Provided by BMC Support.

Active Users With Containers
List of all active users, their profile information including containers and supervisors.

Active Users Without Containers
List of all active users, without their profile information.

Clear Custom Search Changes (deletes data)
Removed saved search customizations a user has made to their console.

Containers and Items
List of all published and draft containers and items including all relevant IDs.

Count Logged in Users by License Type
Count of logged in users by licence type.

Display License File
Display the licence file loaded into FootPrints.

Logged in Users and Record Locks
List of all logged in users and any records they have locked.

Purge Records (deletes data)
Purge all records prior to a given date, including all child database entries.

Reset Stuck in Progress Imports (deletes data)
Reset all ‘In Progress’ imports to ‘Created’ status and clear their job records.

Show Errors from Last Run Import
Show errors from the last import, if any.

Teams and Agents by Container
List of teams and agents by container.

Active Time-Based Rules
List of active time-based business rules by container and item.

Users with Customized Consoles
List of all users with customized consoles.

Users with Customized Saved Searches
List of all users with customized saved searches in their consoles.

Post Environment Move Task
Database Management process for when you have moved/restored your FootPrints environment from one to the next (such as prod to dev).

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