IT Service Management Solution Health Check

Are your IT Service Management processes working for you?

RJR Innovations offers experienced consultants who can review your ITSM environment and tools, and provide you with detailed information as to the health of your products, policies, and environment. We’ll ensure that, moving forward, you have the best possible information at your fingertips before you make any changes to your ITSM structure.

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort that enhances your IT service offering and adds value to your business. For continuous improvement, RJR recommends an annual review consisting of a four-step process: Discover, Implement, Analyze and Enhance.

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This comprehensive process of continuous improvement ensures you:

  • deliver quality service that meets business objectives
  • cut costs and risk as projects are on time and within scope
  • adapt IT services to changing business and customer needs
  • optimize desired business results
  • make the right decisions so that IT adds value to the business.

With the RJR four-step process, our core group of consultants will identify opportunities for change, implement the change, then analyze the results to determine the effectiveness of the change, and if successful – implement.