CogniBot for IT

AutomationEdge CogniBot for IT is AI in the cloud which understands language of employee conversations with enterprise IT. Its strong AI capability helps you automate IT issues right away. Our NLP uses combination of Machine learning, Deep learning, Knowledge graphs and other engines to effectively disambiguate the utterance. CogniBot can make sense out of interactions with employees and helps in automated fulfillment of IT requests, enquiries and issues.

CogniBot helps in freeing up bandwidth of IT support staff. It helps in deflecting tickets, reducing call volumes, and automating common requests. Cognibot delivers great service experiences to Employees.

CogniBot for Business

AutomationEdge CogniBot is AI service available on cloud and on-premise. CogniBot applies machine learning intelligence to conversational text to understand the user intent.. CogniBot allows you to generate dialog without needing to write single line of code. It has ability to help you build industry-specific skills with effective disambiguation. CogniBot supports different channels including web, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook, Email and many more.

Now your employees, customers and partners can use chatbot to check invoice status, leave balance and order a new service with combined strengths of conversational AI, RPA, workflows and API integration in AutomationEdge platform.

How Does CogniBot Help?

NLU and Conversational AI

CogniBot NLU understands the language of IT. It can effectively disambiguate confusing utterances while interacting with employees. AutomationEdge CogniBot model is designed and trained using data available from millions of IT tickets. Conversation dialogs are built automatically.


CogniBot is backed by robust AutomationEdge automation engine. It comes with hundreds of connectors and actions for different target systems and applications. We have ability to automate almost any application and enterprise system with our robust automation engine.

Enterprise Search

CogniBot is built with advanced enterprise search technology. It can get answers to employee queries based on knowledge articles, FAQ and other documents that exist within and outside the enterprise. CogniBot will be able to start answering queries from your employees immediately after uploading the document in CogniBot engine.

AI Talent

With the subscription of CogniBot, we are committed to make your AI journey successful. Our AI experts will be with you throughout the journey to keep increasing the success and coverage of use cases. You don’t have to hire and maintain expensive AI talent.

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Hyperautomation Platform with Cognitive Capabilities

  • Integrated Platform with RPA, ITPA, AI and integration capabilities
  • Industry’s first RPA on cloud (Available on cloud & premise)
  • Fastest spreadsheet processing tool
  • Only platform for both IT & Business process automation
  • Niche Player in Gartner’s First Magic Quadrant for RPA
  • Leader in Zinnov Zones for IT Automation
  • Trusted Globally by Top Banking, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive companies

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