Configuration Management Database CMDB

If you want to be successful and on the competitive edge you need to invest in sound initiatives that are in compliance with industry standards and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) lies at the heart of RJR Business Management Solutions (BMS). As an integral part of ITIL it provides the foundation for integration and information sharing across various processes and solutions.

Within this environment you can increase operational efficiency to achieve and demonstrate compliance with corporate policies and government regulations.

Serving as a single source of reference, the CMDB facilitates integration and synchronization among ITIL management processes, all of which contribute and consume CMDB information. The CMDB automatically retains core identity information. This includes all users who have access to systems and applications and the association of users with their business profiles such as their departments, business functions, and contact information.

Your IT team can leverage this data to make more informed business decisions and prioritize their actions. Defining a set of configuration items (CIs), the CMDB maintains all components of your IT environment—technology assets, documentation, services and IT processes—as CIs in the database. It’s also the central repository for information collected through manual entry and automated discovery tools that collect and format configuration information. The Federated CMDB enables IT infrastructure data that is scattered across multiple data repositories throughout your organization to be accessible via a single view.

You do not have to move the data to the CMDB, federation allows you to retain control of the data while still making it available. With the CMDB you can improve support for your core business processes, increase visibility across the organization with a centralized view of all CIs, ensuring your business information is accurate, up-to-date and accessible.