Event Management

Monitoring your infrastructure is not a new concept. For years, many organizations have been monitoring their infrastructure. At RJR we take it a step further. We integrate your Event Management solution with your Service Management solution and your Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

These integrations ensure that you:

Acknowledge problems and apply business intelligence to issue resolution, ensuring that users may or may not experience a disruption in their service

Document events directly to your CMDB, which ensures historical accuracy of the activity of Configuration Items (CIs) in prior events, enabling you to see if there is a recurring issue

Provide Service Desk personnel immediate access to ongoing events and historical events

Capture a better impact analysis of events when tied to the CMDB.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines Event Management as the process that is responsible for managing events throughout their life cycle. Typically, events require IT people to take action, which often leads to incidents being logged.