Customer Management

Powerful, but simple, the RJR Customer Management strategy takes multiple customer databases and integrates and standardizes them across all platforms.

For planning and decision making, it’s critical to integrate multiple data sources. Data inconsistency across all platforms translates into unreliable and inaccurate information. And the cost and risk of misinformation to your business can be significant. The RJR Customer Management strategy can assist you to better manage the process. When you update the information in one system, you’ll be updating it in all systems. When you access information you’ll know you have the right information; you’ll know that it’s accurate, up-to-date and reliable.

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Even if you’ve no common data scattered among your multiple customer databases, we can generate common identifiers and we can integrate and centralize the information, making sure that it’s replicated and easily accessible across all platforms. We can also help you with future strategies: how to store and manage your data effectively and efficiently. With the RJR Customer Management strategy, you’ll have one fully integrated platform to manage your multiple customer databases.

With both Customer Management and ID Management (Access Management in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) terminology) you’ll have a comprehensive strategy that integrates and standardizes customer databases across all platforms, and you’ll effectively manage users and privileges across global, heterogeneous environments.