Right-size your ITSM without skipping a beat. Your employees—and CFO—will thank you

IT leaders are navigating shifting enterprise priorities amidst economic uncertainties. Generative AI holds the potential to transform the operational landscape, significantly lowering costs and improving employee experience. The current economic downturn only complicates the situation as teams providing service management are continuously asked to do more with fewer resources as IT leaders make a case for continuing critical investments with constrained budgets. Today, it’s not just about technology and processes for people. It’s about enhancing IT-enabled business activities, resource management, and leveraging AI for faster value from business software. IT service management must blend tech, innovation, and business outcomes for an agile, efficient, and responsive enterprise.

The Solution

Freshservice, by Freshworks, is an intelligent, right-sized, cloud-native IT management solution for businesses of all sizes. It provides modern service management, unified employee services, and streamlined operations for efficiency, rapid time-to-value, and improved employee satisfaction. Freshservice offers an out-of-the-box, fully-featured service desk that is easy to use and can be rapidly deployed for instant results. It empowers employees to work anywhere, anytime in the channel of their choice. With its native AI engine, Freddy-AI, Freshservice empowers agents, humanizes employee experiences, and fosters high-performing service management. Tailored for IT and business teams, it ensures consistent service delivery, no-code automation, and enterprise-scale integrations, driving higher ROI and effectiveness.



  • Lasting Value
    Out-of-the-box capabilities with rapid deployment and easy adoption at scale.

  • Right-Sized Solution
    Essential features you need without the overhead complexity of legacy tools.

  • Intuitive UI
    Easy-to-use, user-friendly solution that requires minimal training.

  • Always-On Services
    Ensure operational resilience and unwavering business continuity.

  • Increased Agent Productivity
    AI assistance and no-code automation to focus on high-value strategic tasks.

  • Right-Sized Solution
    Essential features you need without the overhead complexity of legacy tools.

  • Trusted Business Partner
    24/7 support to help enterprises achieve success every step of the way.

Key Features

  • IT Service Management
    Speed up IT service delivery with a consumer-grade,ITIL-aligned service desk for agility, reliability, and proactive incident management.

  • Enterprise Service Management
    Unify service delivery for IT and business teams to provide seamless enterprise services and uncompromised employee delight.

  • It Project Management
    Achieve consistent business results with integrated IT service and project management for improved project planning, execution, and tracking.

  • Extensible and Scalable Platform
    Create out-of-the-box connectors, SDKs, and API configurations on our integrated platform leading to greater visibility and scale without dependency.

  • IT Operations Management
    Streamline digital operations, automate incident handling with ML-powered insights, and deliver uninterrupted IT services.

  • IT Asset Management
    Build a backbone for services with modern ITAM for on premise and cloud infrastructure visibility, asset discovery, governance, and compliance.

  • No-Code Robust Automation
    Eliminate repetitive tasks and manual processes and drive service efficiency using no-code/low-code workflows automation and orchestration.

  • AI-Powered Experiences
    Leverage enterprise-grade Freddy-AI for instant conversational support for employees, empower agents with productivity tools, and equip decision-makers with actionable insights.

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