Self Service

Self ServiceEfficient resource management reduces operating costs, increases productivity and delivers high-quality customer service while problems and incidents impede productivity, waste time and increase the cost of doing business.

With the RJR Self Service strategy you’ll enable your internal and external customers to leverage self service, resulting in fewer service desk calls, increased customer satisfaction, improved support costs and a greater ability to enforce Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.

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The RJR Self Service strategy reduces the cost of IT support substantially. Your internal and external customers can log their own incidents, search for and find the resolution, then apply the resolution whenever it’s convenient for them.

When calls are resolved through self service, your internal and external customers save the cost of resolving problems at Level 1. Level 1 support first contact resolution costs $15 to $30 therefore, the savings can be significant as self service costs are from $6 to $24 with call elimination from $0 to $5.

By combining the RJR Self Service strategy with the RJR Knowledge Management strategy you’ll provide your end users with the ability to submit and track their own incidents; search, find and resolve issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll reduce the number of requests channeled to an agent, freeing up resources and reducing your costs.

When you implement the RJR Self Service strategy you will:

  • reduce the cost of support by offering self-service capabilities to end users
  • enhance end user experience through an intuitive, personalized and highly customizable user interface
  • improve support staff productivity by freeing up their time to pursue strategic initiatives
  • reduce call volume by extending knowledge management to end users.