Enterprise Server


WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) offers organizations total control over their data security environment ensuring maximum security and transparency in regular work flow. With industry-leading full disk encryption (FDE) technology and industry-first technology like PBConnex™, SES enables customers to streamline their IT processes and as a result, help reduce the total IT cost of ownership.

SES manages everything encryption within the enterprise, whether it’s FDE, removable media or individual files and folders. It places all security-related management under one centralized enterprise server, including policies, password rules, and the manageability of encryption across PC, Mac and Linux platforms alike. It also easily integrates with industry-standard technologies such as Opal-compliant Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs) while also managing native OS encryption solutions such as Microsoft BitLocker, Mac OS X FileVault2, iOS and Android.

Features at a glance:

  • Manage software-based FDE for laptops, desktops and tablets etc.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows BitLocker (Win 8, Win 7 and Vista)
  • Support for Mac OS X and FileVault 2
  • Full Opal Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) management support
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) iOS and Android devices
  • Centralized management through standard server-based or web console
  • Only full-disk encryption solution to offer wired and wireless pre-boot network authentication via PBConnex
  • Manage and encrypt removable media and individual files & folders
  • FIPS 140-2 validated

SecureDoc with PBConnex is the only data encryption and management solution that allows for preboot network authentication either wired or wirelessly. PBConnex utilizes network based resources to authenticate users, enforce access controls, and manage end point devices before the operating system loads. This unique and ground-breaking approach to Full Disk Encryption (FDE) management also results in significant cost savings for organizations by streamlining the time and cost associated with things such as password resets and device staging. In addition multiple users can safely use the same device without ever putting confidential data at risk.

SecureDoc is the only solution in the industry today that can manage everything regarding encryption within the enterprise. SecureDoc’s encryption software uses a FIPS 140-2 certified AES-NI 256-bit cryptographic engine to encrypt data and is compatible with all editions of Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. For customers that prefer to leverage the native operating system encryption solutions available with Windows, Apple’s OS X and iOS or Android, SES can manage those too.

SES supports the full management of Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption solution but also adds increased value to customers by enabling preboot network authentication, multi-factor authentication, challenge/response password recovery, single sign-on, port control, automatic TPM provisioning and more. SES is the best solution in the industry at managing BitLocker deployments, offering innovative features found within SecureDoc in combination with Windows native encryption. It’s the best of both worlds for customers that want a more robust management solution for their BitLocker deployments.

Recognizing that customers have mixed IT hardware environments, SecureDoc also offers the ability to manage Mac OS X’s FileVault 2. Taking advantage of the native encryption provided by Mac OS X, SecureDoc for FileVault 2 can give administrators the control they need to manage their Apple hardware. FileVault 2 enterprise management gives businesses the flexibility to choose how they want to encrypt and manage their Apple devices yet still have the ability to have all their devices managed by SES’s central management console.

For smartphones and tablets, SecureDoc’s Mobile Device Management feature offers customers a holistic view to their status of the mobile devices; allowing them to manage the deployment of Android® and iOS® devices and also to ensure that the appropriate security and password policies are enforced. SecureDoc MDM offers the ‘proof’ that IT administrators require to ensure compliance with key industry regulations while at the same time offering a strong solution for bring your own device (BYOD) environments.

SEDs are fast becoming the standard for customers who want a level of security built right into their devices. SES offers the best SED management in the industry supporting both Opal 1 & 2 specifications. Through the innovative use of PBConnex in combination with expert SED management, SecureDoc OSA (Operating System Agnostic), allows organizations to run virtually any OS on an SED and not worry about compatibility issues.

SecureDoc OSA allows SecureDoc users to encrypt their hard drive without needing to install any software in the OS. Using Opal SEDs, management and authentication is performed at pre-boot which eliminates the need to create an OS-specific installation package. It’s an ideal solution for Linux or Unix deployments and removes the complexity of managing multi-OS environments.