Hyperautomation on Cloud


Every organization has various business functions and very often their systems don’t talk to each other for various reasons like incompatibility, APIs are not open, etc. This brings the burden of mundane tasks like data entry, erroneous data and delayed information. Similarly, each function has a set of processes which are repetitive and rule-based tasks. These tasks are time consuming and can be error prone if performed by humans.

Hyperautomation on Cloud for Business

AutomationEdge Hyperautomation on Cloud platform help integrate systems with technologies like UI Automation and automates repetitive data processes, like processing transactions, collating data, triggering responses, and integrating various disparate data systems.

AutomationEdge Hyperautomation on Cloud ensures that all such operations across front office, middle office, back office and IT
operations are being done at faster speed and at reduced cost with highest accuracy.

$1.5 Bn Payouts Processed Per Year

Cross-functional Communication

Optimized System Integration