Asset Management

Within the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) system, Asset Management becomes much more. The assets covered are controlled by Configuration Management, which also identifies the nature and importance of the relationships between the assets—in other words, Configuration Items (CIs).

This is the key to establishing and maintaining best practices, improving asset service levels and managing service risk and IT resources efficiently and cost effectively.

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A proper Asset Management strategy can easily manage your company’s assets, tracking the location, assignment and costs related to them. The most challenging aspect of this is to keep the database up to date.

Using a barcode or radio-frequency identification (RFID) solution to assist in the assignment and reassignment process ensures that the database is kept up to date. It also ensures that you avoid a costly annual inventory reconciliation project, saving you time and money and increasing your productivity. RJR offers a comprehensive approach to facilitate control and cost savings by managing the life cycle of your IT assets. The RJR Asset Management strategy considers the physical, financial and contractual aspects of all IT assets throughout their life. This is one of the fundamental building blocks for helping organizations achieve IT Service Management (ITSM) maturity.

When you implement this process, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the assets in your infrastructure, which in turn will improve your ability to deliver ITSM processes and better manage risk and IT resources. Organizations with a proper Asset Management process in place can rapidly enhance this process into a Configuration Management process, further boosting the ability of IT to respond to business needs and provide business value.