IT Process Automation


AutomationEdge IT Process Automation automates repetitive and routine IT tasks to reduce downtime and improve incident response and resolution. It offers advance capabilities like ticket auto-resolution, Chatbot, Machine Learning and rapid API integrations. The benefits of IT Automation are compelling – automation improves accountability, efficiency and predictability, while reducing cost, variability and risk.

Service Desk Automation

AutomationEdge is one of the first Hyperautomation platforms. It’s highly advanced Intelligent Automation solution brings together all the essential technologies required for enterprise automation like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Chatbot, ETL, ready API integrations and IT Process automation.

AutomationEdge helps organizations automate not only mundane, repetitive rule-based tasks across verticals but also critical tasks with decision making requirement using its AI capability, enterprise-wide.

Automate 10% – 40% of IT service requests and incidents

Rich library of connectors to IT systems and applications

500+ integrations with IT and Business applications