Remote Support


BeyondTrust understands that encryption alone is not enough to secure remote support. Customers deploy the BeyondTrust  appliance on premises, behind their own firewall and security measures, and control physical access to the appliance, ensuring no unauthorized party gains access to sensitive data or systems. BeyondTrust’s unique appliance-based design ensures remote support security from beginning to end.

Centralized Appliance

The BeyondTrust appliance is deployed within your own network, giving you complete, centralized control over all remote support activity. Data is routed and stored centrally over standard ports, enabling effective auditing.

Strong Cryptography

In addition to using SSL data encryption, BeyondTrust is the only remote support provider to offer a solution that’s been fully FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards Publications) 140-2 Level 2 validated for both software and hardware elements.


BeyondTrust seamlessly integrates with your existing identity management and authentication methods (e.g. LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, Kerberos), allowing users to login with secure directory credentials, as well as smart or CAC cards. BeyondTrust administrators can apply permissions and password policies on the group or individual level.

Support rep permissions can be assigned granularly, enabling administrators to give reps only the privileges they need and no more. And when greater permissions are needed for a particular remote support session, they can be given on a one-time basis by higher-tier reps or administrators.

During a Bomgar session, end-users have complete control over the rep’s level of access down to each application viewed and action performed.

Bomgar enables administrators to give restricted, auditable access to outside vendors on a temporary or ongoing basis. Internal support teams can invite external vendors into a remote support session and collaborate with them on a resolution without extending the circle of liability.