BMC Discovery


BMC Discovery creates a dynamic, holistic view of all data center assets and the relationships between them, giving IT crucial visibility into how the assets support the business. Each scan delves into the information and dependencies for all software, hardware, network, storage, and versions, providing IT with the context needed to create an application map from any piece of information about it. A lightweight footprint allows IT to map applications with up to 100% accuracy in 15 minutes or less.

BMC Solution

BMC Discovery automates asset discovery and dependency mapping to better gain visibility into management of digital services. In minutes, IT can link infrastructure and software to how it impacts the business to optimize capacity, ensure stronger security, and improve service, change, and problem management.

Business Challenge

Maintaining data center asset and dependency information is a challenge. Application mapping hinges on precise asset accountability; without it, data center decisions are based on best effort. IT cannot consolidate and prioritize fixes, perform audits, and know what assets support which parts of the business purely through speculation.

Product Details

Agentless, Lightweight, and Scalable: BMC Discovery is a ready-to-run virtual appliance. Deployment takes minutes; there is no installation process to run through, no external database to install and configure, and no specific configuration and operating system requirements to satisfy.

  • Start-anywhere application mapping – start mapping an application from any piece of information about it
  • 3,500+ data center assets covered – broadest data center asset coverage ensures that every component in your data center is discovered
  • 3 clicks to insight – single point of entry into all components of the IT infrastructure with an index search engine
  • A five-year average ROI of 470% for BMC Discovery customers, with a payback period of only 8 months, was found in a 2016 IDC report1
  • Security Operations can perform essential prevention and detection, including locating servers that could be back door entry points, quickly identifying applications affected by a breach, and running a quick scan for OpenSSL
  • Planning for cloud is made simpler with easy identification of assets and their dependencies to improve decisions on which assets to move to the cloud and which assets to retire