BMC Helix Control-M


Accelerate your digital transformation with powerful, SaaS-based application workflow orchestration

Today’s the day! BMC Helix Control-M is a SaaS solution for application workflow orchestration that makes it easier than ever for companies to integrate, automate, and orchestrate even the most complex application and data workflows. The result? You can deliver new business services faster, make decisions with data-driven insights, and quickly adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape.

With BMC Helix Control-M you can:

  • Orchestrate application and data workflows across multiple clouds and on-prem
  • Ensure reliable execution of business-critical services in production
  • Deliver business agility by integrating into any DevOps automation tool chain with ‘as-code’ interfaces
  • Deliver agility to federated Dev and Ops teams with governance and scalability built-in
  • Simplify the adoption of new technologies into your technology ecosystem

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