Data Protection

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MFA Authentication Solutions

Thales Authentication solutions are the leading choice for organizations wanting to deploy strong authentication for access to data and applications, whether from the cloud or on-premises. Organizations are facing new access control challenges as mobile devices become the computing platform of choice, as organizations rapidly adopt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based applications, and as threat vectors escalate. SafeNet allows organizations to adapt their business and security needs to meet these challenges with access security solutions that offer flexible service delivery which simplifies authentication implementation and management through automated processes, and which drastically reduce the time and cost of provisioning, administration, and managing users and tokens compared to traditional models.

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Encryption Solutions

Thales Encryption solutions are trusted by the most important organizations to protect data by means of cryptographic keys used to encrypt that data, throughout its lifecycle, wherever it is stored, used, or transmitted. SafeNet encryption solutions deliver unmatched coverage—securing databases, applications, personal identifiable information (PII), and storage in the physical and virtual data center and the cloud. Moreover, SafeNet also provides the critical key management needed to effectively and efficiently enable protection across the enterprise wherever data resides.